Experience unparalleled insight into the health of your building’s exterior  – safely from the ground using our HS360 platform.

Address Leaks and Other Issues Before They Disrupt Tenants

Precisely Plan for Maintenance, Repairs, and Capital Expenditures

Secure Your Building's Future



You excel at maintaining your building’ interior, but the higher levels of your facade are harder to keep tabs on. This oversight often leads to unplanned, often, expensive repairs. HS360 transforms how you see and manage your complete building envelope.

shed light on every part of your facade with

During your regular maintenance service, our trained HS360 technicians will utilize cutting-edge technology to document potential critical failures on your building’s exterior. We spot issues like failing seals, deteriorating mortar joints, spalling concrete, and other safety risks.

Following the service, your HS360 Portal will provide you with:

HS360 Building Reports

Gain immediate access to comprehensive reports with our findings on the condition of your building(s), so you can make informed decisions.  

Request detailed estimates for any necessary work.

Interactive Mapping 

Pinpoint problems with HS360’s advanced geographic information systems (GIS) technology, which provides 3D models and georeferenced photos to help you precisely understand where the issue is occurring.

man fixing outside window

Expert Recommendations

Benefit from the knowledge of property management veterans who document actionable recommendations on the next best steps for maintaining your building’s integrity.

The HS360 platform is not just a complimentary add-on; it’s an essential tool in your capital planning and ongoing maintenance decisions – protecting your time, budget, and peace of mind.



Get a Free Estimate

Our team will hear your needs, assess your property, and provide a timely quote. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.


Get the Job Done On Your Schedule

We know your to-do list is ever-growing. Protect your time by letting us cross some projects off. Our crews are scalable and ready to have your property in tip-top shape with minimal disruption.

During each service, our HS360-trained technicians will track location-specific data and images of potential problem areas on your building.


Make Informed Maintenance Decisions

Review your HS360 findings, and plan your next projects with clarity like never before.  


Enjoy the Sunshine

Have confidence your property is in tip-top shape – inside and out.