Commercial Glass Cleaning, Scratch Removal, and Restoration

Preserve your exterior surfaces and views.

Partner with High-Access Specialists

Have Peace-of-Mind with a Routine Cleaning Plan

Keep Your Building Shining For Years to Come

Return Your Windows and Doors To Their Original Condition Without Buying New

Hard water stains, inevitable scratches, wind erosion, vandalism, and more leave glass doors, windows, and skylights unsightly and problematic if not maintained regularly and properly.

Heavenly Sunshine is Your Partner In Glass Upkeep

Window Cleaning

Do smudges and dirt obstruct the beautiful view from your building?

It’s time for a professional window cleaning. Proactively cleaning your windows prevents dirt and debris build-up that causes costly damage – etching into the glass and framing.

Heavenly Sunshine uses professional-grade tools to deep clean your glass and prevent decay and deterioration. The cleaning team is trained and equipped to access hard-to-reach and high-access areas, performing a thorough cleaning.

Glass Scratch Removal and Restoration

Have you noticed etching on your glass doors or scratches and stains on your windows?

Costly glass replacement is no longer your only option. At Heavenly Sunshine, our craftsmen are professionally trained to restore minor, moderate, and heavy glass damage – often at a fraction of the cost.

Minor: Light etching caused by rubbing from another object or lack of maintenance.

Moderate: Damage that can be felt with your fingernail but is not deep enough to stop your finger from passing over the scratch.

Heavy: Damage often caused by furniture, rocks, etching tools, razor blades, and vandals. It can be felt with your fingernail and will stop your finger from passing over the scratch due to its depth. These scratches can easily be seen from a distance.

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Our team will assess your property, hear your pain points, and provide a timely, honest quote. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.


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We know you’re to-do list is ever-growing. Protect your time by letting us cross “clean and fix windows” off.

Our crews are scalable and ready to have your property in tip-top shape on a timeline you’ll love.


Enjoy the Sunshine

Rest assured, we’ll care for your property as if it were ours. How will you spend the time you’ve saved?

Trusted By Hundreds of Property Owners and Managers in the Greater Memphis and Mississippi Area


Our Experts Have Your Back

Let’s be honest – some cleaners and maintenance providers leave you feeling unsure about the quality of their work. For 45+ years, we’ve made it our goal to do the opposite. Our “Golden Rule” is that people deserve high-quality, honorable service. That’s why we send hired employees, not contractors who treat your property as if it was their own.

A Timeline, Budget, and Team You Can Trust

Our customer-first philosophy means we respect your schedule and your property. All of our employees are vetted and required to pass a background check. We don’t smoke, we remain quiet to avoid disrupting your day, and we clean up after ourselves (We know – we shouldn’t have to point this out, but we’ve heard too many horror stories).

We Help You Avoid Problems On the Horizon

Maintaining your building well now improves the short-term value of your property AND prevents future, more costly damage. We provide feedback and expert guidance on the hard-to-reach areas of your property while we’re cleaning.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Heavenly Sunshine, our motto is “Excellence is Everything” – we hold ourselves to extremely high standards. We aren’t finished until the project is done right. After all, we clean corners…we don’t cut them!

We Prioritize Safety

Our technicians are OSHA certified, including fall protection and ladder safety, to protect our team and you.