High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

High Rise window cleaning specialists clean glass-fronted buildings on a regular basis. They do this to keep the windows in tip-top shape and to prevent stains from forming that could lead to costly repairs or replacements.

They use a variety of methods, including bosun chairs, water-fed poles, cradles, cherry pickers, and more. Safety is always an issue, but it’s a major consideration when choosing this service. You’ll be glad you read this!


The job of high-rise window cleaning is a challenging one that calls for a lot of industry training and experience. It also requires a worker to be physically capable and have no fear of heights.

Professional window cleaners know that the risks posed by this profession are high and take every precaution to stay safe during their work. This includes following clear safety standards, using proper equipment, and taking all necessary steps to avoid injuries.

Working at such great heights can be hazardous, especially when the weather conditions are harsh. Rain and snow can make the work more difficult, and wind can affect the stability of scaffolding or suspended platforms.

However, professional window cleaners follow strict safety guidelines and use the correct equipment when conducting high-rise window cleaning. This helps to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of their employees as well as those who may be nearby. Statistically, fatalities are rare in this occupation.


High-rise window cleaning specialists use various equipment to clean the windows of a building. Depending on the size of the building, these professionals use rope access, suspended scaffolding, swing stages, man lifts, and boom lifts to safely access and clean the windows of buildings.

Typically, high-rise windows need to be cleaned more frequently than standard office windows, as they are exposed to greater amounts of dirt and grit. Usually, it is recommended that they be cleaned twice a year at a minimum.

A building’s location, environment, and purpose also influence how often the windows are cleaned. For example, if the building is located on a smoky street or near a large body of water, it will need to be cleaned more often than a standard office building.

As a result, the frequency of high-rise window cleaning is ultimately a matter of preference. It is important to hire a professional company that will assess the building and discuss treatment plans that include the frequency of window cleaning.


High Rise window cleaning specialists use a range of equipment to safely perform their duties. These include suspended scaffolding systems, telescopic platforms, and boom lifts.

One of the most popular methods of access is using a mobile elevated work platform or MEWP. This type of platform allows staff to reach windows and cladding up to 30m.

A scissor lift is another excellent choice of EWP for many cleaning jobs and can be used to access windows in difficult locations. These platforms can be used to clean windows on floors above or below the level of the main floor and provide a much bigger working area than a conventional ladder would.

Other equipment commonly used by High Rise window cleaning specialists is the Davit system. This is a unique method of elevating a high rise building’s facade, which provides a safe and efficient way for maintenance crews to clean the exterior of a structure. This is often a better solution than traditional scaffolding or a Bosun’s chair, especially on buildings that are too tall for a normal ladder.


High Rise window cleaning specialists need a variety of safety and climbing equipment. Some of this includes a bucket filled with water mixed with hand soap and dish soap, plus a little ammonia for heavy jobs.

Other tools include a t-bar wand or sponge, squeegee, scraper, and towels or rags. These tools are used to wipe the windows clean and to do a final polish.

Cradle systems are also a type of equipment that high-rise window cleaners use. They are less obstructive than stage scaffolding and are often not visible to building occupants.

A cradle system is one of the safest pieces of high-rise window cleaning equipment because workers wear a full body harness and are attached to a security line that’s attached to the roof. They can then raise and lower the cradle to access different parts of the window. This makes it possible for two or three people to work at once while ensuring their safety. Click here for more interesting articles.