Commercial Window Scratch Removal and Restoration

When it comes to satisfying your customers, you hold yourself to a high standard. Part of that standard is making sure that your commercial property is the best it can be when customers come to your office. If you’ve noticed etching in your business’s glass doors or scratching and staining on your office windows, you may have thought that your only option was to replace the glass. That’s not the case with Heavenly Sunshine Property Services! At Heavenly Sunshine, our professional cleaners are able to fix and restore glass often at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Restoring Glass Damage in Memphis, TN

Through Heavenly Sunshine’s commercial glass restoration services, our trained staff can remove minor, moderate, and heavy window scratches.

  • Minor: Light etching caused by rubbing from another object or poor maintenance.
  • Moderate: This type of damage can be felt with your fingernail, but it’s not deep enough to stop your finger from passing over the scratch.
  • Heavy: These are usually caused by furniture, rocks, etching tools, razor blades, and vandals. These can be felt with your fingernail and will stop your finger from passing over the scratch due to its depth. These scratches can easily be seen from a distance.

Serving Building Owners in the Greater Memphis Area

Often glass damage is caused by hard water stains, scratches, vandals, wind erosion, and more. At Heavenly Sunshine, our staff is trained to provide the glass restoration services you need to reverse the effects of window damage, no matter how big the commercial building. We work with property managers and building owners to return your windows and facade to their original look.

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Trust The Glass Restoration Experts

job done right, and provide affordable pricing. When you’re looking to restore the window glass at your commercial property, trust the experts who have provided cleaning services to hundreds of businesses in the greater Memphis area! Call our commercial cleaning company today for a free estimate.