How to Start Your Own Local Cleaning Services Business

Cleaning services can help homeowners and office workers who are frustrated with the messiness of their space. They can sanitize, sweep and mop to wipe away dusty shelves and dirty floors.

Some local cleaning services offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleanings in homes or offices. They also provide disaster cleanup and restoration services. Read this first!

Getting Started

Start your own local cleaning business with a solid business plan that includes startup costs and financial projections. Register your business with the state and obtain any necessary licenses, such as a vendor’s permit or a “doing business as” license (if you use a fictional name).

Consider working as a sole proprietor to limit the amount of money you need to invest upfront. You can always switch to a partnership or other legal structure later.

Get the word out by creating fliers detailing your services and prices, then distribute them door-to-door in homes near your target area. You can also place classified ads in your local newspaper or purchase listings on online Yellow Pages-style directories.

Ask current clients for referrals, which can be a great way to gain new business. When you do book a job, provide your client with digital quotes and invoices that they can review, approve, and pay online. This will save you time and money, and ensure that your invoices are paid promptly.

Finding New Clients

For residential cleaning services, identifying potential clients and reaching out to them is key. Consider age, sex, family status, and neighborhood when determining your ideal clients and how to target them. Use Google Local Service Ads to target individuals and businesses that need a cleaner on a recurring basis. For example, a local restaurant or office may be willing to contract with your business for regular cleaning services.

Once you’ve built up a client base, ask satisfied customers to post positive reviews on online service platforms or pass your contact information along to interested neighbors. You can also place a simple advertisement in local publications that reach your town’s population.

If you’re providing commercial or professional cleaning services, be sure to register your business and follow IRS regulations for independent contractors. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to hire a professional developer to create a website and optimize it for search engines and social media.


Cleaning services vary in price, depending on the type of cleaning being done. In general, rates are charged by the hour. Many professional cleaners charge between $25 and $100 per two hours of work. A company may also charge a flat rate based on the size of a home or a basic travel fee for customers who live in rural areas or hard-to-reach locations. Local house cleaners often add a tip, but this is optional. Some services offer a regular cleaning schedule, while others focus on specific types of cleanups, such as a deep cleaning service or move-out cleaning service that helps prepare a home for its next residents. Cleaning services are also available for offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. These typically require a more comprehensive cleaning, including specialized equipment and supplies. Click here for the next blog post.