Graceland – A Must-See For Fans of Elvis

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, then you can’t miss visiting his home, Graceland Memphis TN. This is a must-see for anyone traveling to Memphis and you should plan on spending at least two hours exploring the mansion.

After you tour the house, head over to the 200,000-square-foot entertainment complex called Elvis Presley’s Memphis. There, you can see more than 10 Elvis-themed exhibits and attractions. See more.

The Mansion

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, Graceland is the place to be. This 200,000-square-foot entertainment complex features restaurants, museums, and more centered around the rock ‘n’ roll star.

The mansion is one of the most visited private homes in America with over 650,000 visitors each year. It’s also a National Historic Landmark.

The Office

The office at Graceland Memphis TN was not only a functional space but also an interesting place to be. This is no doubt due to the fact that Elvis Presley was a family man with a penchant for tinkering with his toys. The office aficionado also had a few other hobbies ranging from tinkering with the car he kept in his garage to restoring his ’57 Chevy Bel Air. Among other things, the office was responsible for Elvis’s most memorable moments, his biggest fan tantrums, and his most eerie displays of paranoia. Besides the obvious personnel, the offices were home to a number of other curious visitors including Elvis’s personal physician, a few members of his entourage, and an assortment of his closest hangers-on.

The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room is a museum that features Elvis’ awards, memorabilia, and stage costumes. You’ll also see his gold records, jumpsuits, and his piano that he played just hours before his death.

The room is a good example of how Graceland’s decor changed with time. In the late 1960s, the living room was painted a bright red.

It wasn’t until 1977 that the entire house was repainted to more of a white-and-blue aesthetic. This change was a post-mortem attempt to soften the home, as well as an approximation of Gladys’ 1957 vision for the mansion. More about Horn Lake here.

The Court

Graceland Memphis TN is home to many attractions and is a great place for fans of Elvis Presley to visit. In addition to the mansion, there are a number of museums and exhibits, as well as a welcome center, restaurants, and gift shops.

The Court at Graceland is another popular attraction. This building was once used as a slot car track but has now been converted to house Elvis’ awards, trophies, and other memorabilia.

This building also houses a racquetball court, which is adorned with gold records and jumpsuits. It is also the site of a meditation garden, where you can reflect on your day and what it means to you.

The Jungle Room

One of the most famous highlights of Graceland Memphis TN is the Jungle Room, which features garish tiki-themed decor. It’s one of the most popular attractions at the famed home, drawing 600,000 visitors a year to see Presley’s eccentric style, playful humor, and manic moods.

This den also played host to Elvis’ final recording sessions, which took place in February and October 1976. The resulting 16 tracks formed the bulk of his last two studio albums, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, and Moody Blue.

The Pool Room

When Elvis Presley bought Graceland, he installed a kidney bean-shaped swimming pool in the backyard. It’s still there and hasn’t changed much since he built it.

The pool room is a reminder of the eccentric decorating taste that graced Graceland. The entire ceiling and walls are covered in the same bright, colorful abstract fabric. Three workers labored ten days to cover the ceiling, walls, and sofa in this paisley pleated fabric.

Fourteen percent of people who took our What Room at Graceland Matches Your Personality quiz guessed that the TV Room best matched their fun, pop culture-fanatic personality. It’s a great spot to watch movies or listen to a little music.

The Meditation Garden

A final stop on the tour of Graceland Memphis TN is the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and members of his family are laid to rest. The garden has a circular twelve-foot fountain pool with colored floodlights and a pergola of columns.

There is no admission fee to the Meditation Garden, and it is open all year round. There is also a free hourly shuttle that runs between Sun Studio, Heartbreak Hotel across the street, and Graceland on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are an Elvis fan, you will not want to miss this visit to Graceland. The Ultimate VIP package includes a guided tour of the mansion, access to the Ultimate Lounge and VIP exhibit, lunch at Vernon’s Smokehouse, and tons of special keepsakes and photo opportunities. Check our next area of interest here.


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